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We care about our unique experiences and all we can learn from each one

Michele Fogal

Founder & Author

As a pansexual author, Michele has a passion for people and their stories. We can find unity in our diversity, because at the heart of every story is our shared common need for love, safety, and belonging. We need to let go of the olden days of tolerance and embrace the new era of recognizing our differences for the wealth that they truly bring. We are richly different. We are divinely whole, just as we are.

Reach Michele directly at michele@michelefogal.com

Michele’s Author website
Michele’s Communication website

Caroline Wedderspoon

Queer Counsellor, RCC

Caroline is a queer therapist and parent to four kids. She has lived in several different countries and now calls North Vancouver home. Once upon a time she studied Russian language and literature, which fostered her love of story, language, and connection. More recently, her training as a counsellor, and work with the LGBTQ+ community in Vancouver, has strengthened her commitment to affirming diversity. Divine Diversity gives her a space in which to celebrate and explore the ways in which diversity, in all its many forms, can generate creativity, create connection, and provide healing.

Reach Caroline directly at cwedderspoon@alysonjones.ca

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Karen Stankunas

Web Designer

Karen brings creativity, enthusiasm and a lifelong passion for social justice and innovation to Divine Diversity. She has traveled and lived in many places and has always found joy, compassion and love amongst us – it’s universal, it’s the spark within us all. All we need to do is sit down and share a meal together and friendship will bloom. Karen has studied psychology, religion and science and is passionate about DIVERSITY and pushing ourselves to truly understand one another.

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