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Caroline Wedderspoon and Michele Fogal are experienced workshop presenters and group facilitators. Below is more about the workshops they offer.

Workshop Bios

Please join Michele and Caroline, LGBTQ+ identified parents, for an open discussion. Caroline Wedderspoon is a Registered Clinical Counsellor on the North Shore, specializing in working with the LGBTQ+ community, and is also the parent of 4 children. Michele Fogal is a Communications Consultant specializing in diversity, a mother of 2, and a published queer author. Find out more about their diversity work at DivineDiversity.com.

Booking a Workshop

Workshops are usually between 30-90 min, but can be tailored to fit your group’s needs in terms of content and length that might be most useful to you. Contact us at michele@michelefogal.com.

Workshop News & Free Workbooks

If you attended a workshop, I hope you enjoyed it, and that it will inspire you to continue nourishing your own creative spark.

If you sign up here, you’ll get notified of when we’re speaking next, and access to a free download of my workbooks.

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Workshops We’ve Provided

North Vancouver School Board – Feb 7, 2020

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A big thank you to the North Vancouver School Board [...]

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“Embracing Diversity in the Modern Love Story” panel discussion at VPL – Nov 6, 2018

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This event is public and free, hosted by the Writer [...]

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