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Guided Meditations

Below are my latest iterations of my writers’ meditations. Soon they will be improved upon, have music added, be more perfectionisty, but this sharable format allows me to learn from you. You’ll know what you need and I can add the missing pieces – or create more to suit you! I needed to get started on the sharing already so I can evolve the process. I’ve had so many of these piling up inside me that sometimes I feel… well… crazy! I blame Dale.

Mentors and Sources

Dale Adams Segal is a master writer and life long writing teacher. Years ago, she created a set of cards called “The Hour Story Cards” and my mother studied with Dale, used the cards and bought me a set. I used them for years, and the meditation that Dale created at the start of the deck has become a cornerstone in my creative practice and my primary inspiration for creating this audio series. I’ve been in conversation with Dale who has generously supported my taking her work and running with it to create my own iterations.

Diversity is not only a sign of health in biospheres but also an indicator of wellness in human communities

External Diversity

As an author myself, I’ve been collecting resources for writers who want to explore lives outside their own experience. We need education to even realize where our ignorance lies… and then we need to fill those blind spots with stories from the source of that experience. I’ve put together some starting places below in hopes of empowering you to go from Frozen Ally to Active Ally.

Internal Diversity

I’ve created a series of guided meditation for writers. Why? I want to empower creative people to build their own practices, custom and diverse, that facilitate the blossoming and outpouring of their work. More art = more diversity!

Guided Meditation Series – for Writers

Share Your Experience!

These meditations are designed to allow each person to experience something different, unique to their own imagination and needs. I’d love to hear what you saw, heard, or felt while inside this meditative experience, and how that effects you. Were there parts you liked or elements you wish were present? If you’re interested in sharing, I’d love to learn from you. You can do this privately by emailing me, or join a larger conversation on my Facebook page if you’re curious about what other creative people are wrestling with.

Facebook Page

Here are links to the Facebook Posts that you can comment on:

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