Thank you to the Greater Vancouver Writers Association (GVWA) for hosting Michele Fogal for a diversity series of workshops.

When: June 20, 2020, 10am – 3pm
What: Writing Diverse Characters & Strong Unique Sex Scenes
Where: Webinar on Zoom

This is a 2 part workshop.

Morning – Diversity Blurb:

Interested in creating a vibrant cast of diverse characters? Chances are you may run into the challenges of trying to represent groups you don’t understand deeply. Join this queer author in a discussion about how we can increase the essential inclusion of our rich diversity, while navigating the pitfalls of invisibility, misrepresentation, and disrespect.

Afternoon – Sex Scenes Blurb:

Writing sex scenes is harder than it looks. The core elements that make a sex scene jump off the page or fall flat can be listed and learned. Our culture has perpetuated a whole series of stereotypes and conventions, discounting and erasing not only the layering of characters, but the imperfect perfection of intimacy, the very mojo that makes these scenes come to life. Diverse characters are a large part of Michele’s work as a queer author, but every well-rounded character has a unique voice and perspective and this is the strength we need to pull onto our hottest pages. In this workshop we will discuss: the dangers of “fading to black,” binary sex, action versus activity, sex versus intimacy, how the wound and flaw of your character affect your sex scenes, and the porn-robot epidemic.

Author Bio – Michele Fogal

Michele is a diversity educator, communications consultant and author on the North Shore. She has a BFA in Creative Writing, is a traditionally published author of 3 books, and has spoken internationally about diversity at writing conferences. Michele is a queer woman, and her pronouns are she/her.