Part of creating a diversity friendly home is to become familiar with diverse movies, TV and other kinds of media.

Here are some references to media that showcase queer people or tell stories including queer characters. We can’t recommend what would be appropriate for your child to view, as every child and every family is different, but from here, you can make those decisions yourselves.


many films feature dark themes, sometimes to highlight the historical suffering of queer people. These may be historically important, but in my opinion, need to be seen in conjunction with more recent and uplifting media. Also note that not all media about queer people is made by queer people. Much of it perpetuates stereotypes and tropes. Googling reviews by LGBT people on a particular movie or show can give you a lot of insight into queer perspective and experience. Remember, no one person, or one story, can represent a whole people.

LGBTQ Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries and other Media

Stand Up Comedy

Ellen Degeneres – Relatable
Hannah Gadsby – Nanette

Reality TV

Queer Eye


Krow’s Transformation
The Times of Harvey Milk
The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson
Tab Hunter Confidential
Matt Shepherd is Friend of Mine


Love, Simon
Call Me By Your Name
The Crying Game
Brokeback Mountain
Paris is Burning
Boy Erased
Do I Sound Gay?
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
The Kids Are All Right
Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party
Kissing Jessica Stein

Movies with Historical Significance

The Imitation Game
The Danish Girl

LGBTQ Television

Grace and Frankie
Orange is the New Black
Lost Girl
Sex Education

Further Viewing

Here’s a few sites that describes a series of films and showcases their trailers as well.